The pandemic pressed the pause button on education for many people across the globe, with those lacking an Internet connection or the digital resources for remote learning hit hardest.

This new series explores the Tech4Education domain of Huawei’s digital inclusion initiative TECH4ALL. Tech4Education projects drive education equity and quality using technology, bringing learning resources to where they are needed most so that no one is left behind.

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    Campus UNESCO

    Thinking digitally, thinking Critically

    In a new collaboration under the Campus UNESCO umbrella, Huawei is conducting interactive sessions that encourage and facilitate critical thinking on global issues, with a focus on the role of technology in education. Tackling topics such as “How does Technology change schools” and “How can we prevent cyber harassment”; this series connects schools with experts from UNESCO, governments and academia, already having touched the lives of students in 39 countries across 21 countries.
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    Connecting the unconnected

    For children and adults alike, it’s not just digital access that is crucial for them to take advantage of our connected world, it’s the digital skills that allow them to maximise its potential. In this brand new video, we discover how Huawei, alongside their local partners, is bringing these skills to rural areas through a solar powered classroom on wheels, and changing the lives of the people they teach.
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    Introducing a digital era to schools in Africa

    Building resilient schools for Africa’s children

    Covid-19 highlighted digital exclusion, and perhaps nowhere more so than in Africa, where lack of access to digital tools meant the education of many millions of children suffered and, often, stopped, during the pandemic. Today, a UNESCO-Huawei project, Technology-Enabled Open Schools for All (TeOSS) is empowering teachers and students in three African countries to ensure learning never stops, even in times of crisis.

    A new route across the digital divide in France

    Digital skills on wheels

    Digital exclusion is an issue for every country and Covid has exacerbated the digital divide worldwide. Discover how skilling programmes such as DigiTruck, initiated by Huawei in association with Close the Gap can lead to higher levels of employment, more inclusion in local communities, greater aspirations for life, improved confidence, and better ability to navigate the increasingly complex and digitised world.
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Huawei believes that no one should be left behind in the digital world, so we developed TECH4ALL – our long-term, digital inclusion initiative. Powered by partnerships, TECH4ALL uses technology to empower people and communities worldwide and address challenges in environment, education, health, and development.