From sun-dried lake fish along the shores of Lake Como, nutty buckwheat married with potato in rustic Sondrio, to the rich Christmas cake on silver pedestals in cosmopolitan Milan, the twelve provinces of Lombardy in Northern Italy provide for a unique gastronomical journey ripe for discovery. All the dishes are brought to life with Grana Padano PDO cheese.

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    Tortelli di Zucca

    In the city of culture and lakes, the prized local pumpkin is the star of a perfectly balanced pasta dish that has become a great Italian Christmas tradition.
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    Risotto with Luganega Sausage

    The risotto that represents Monza is a delicious celebration of some of the best products of the province and delights locals and foodies alike.
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    A hearty, cheesy and comforting dish of pizzoccheri is a superb reflection of Sondrio’s mountainous landscape - both on the palate and the plate.
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    Manzo all'olio

    An ancient braised beef recipe passed down through the generations is synonymous with Sunday lunch in the towns along the rolling hills of Brescia.
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    Local fish known as the ‘sardines of the lake’ are transformed into flavour-packed gems through age-old traditions unique to Como.
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    Polenta salsiccia e funghi

    Lecco’s mountain lodges offer breathtaking views over undisturbed landscapes but many come for the creamy polenta with local sausages.
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    Trippa di San Bassiano

    Offal usually has a poor reputation in gastronomy, but in Lodi, a slow-cooked tripe dish bears the name of the official saint of the city.
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    Appearances are misleading in the case of Milan’s famous Christmas cake that takes days to prepare and years to master.
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    Gelato alla Stracciatella

    A great classic of artisanal gelaterie all over the world, gelato alla stracciatella is an art that is zealously guarded in the medieval city of Bergamo.
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    Torta Paradiso

    The “paradise cake” is an Italian pastry legend with many commercial imitations, but the original is found at a bakery in Pavia.
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    Amaretti di Saronno

    Three ingredients may have come together as an accident in the 18th century, but the popularity of Amaretti di Saronno is anything but.
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    The sweet, nutty nougat comes from very romantic beginnings in the 14th century and is celebrated with a festival every year in the city of violins.

Grana Padano

Grana Padano has been part of Italy’s gastronomic heritage for almost a thousand years.

Diana Lee: Journalist covering food and lifestyle trends in Italy, based in Milan.

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Grana Padano PDO, a Timeless Treasure

Grana Padano cheese has been a part of Italy's proud gastronomic heritage for almost 1000 years. Naturally lactose free due to the long ageing process, with a nutty and distinctive flavor and granular texture, it is extremely versatile and comes aged between 9 months to over 24 months. Grana Padano possesses unique nutritional features such as quality proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, especially calcium.

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