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“Mompreneur” Mona proves how easy it is to be a successful businesswoman and mother in Dubai, taking us to her favourite hotspots for children.

Dubai’s options for families are endless and its breadth for business is world-renowned, but can the two work in tandem? “Mompreneur” Mona Tavassoli, CEO and founder of Mompreneurs Middle East, is proving that they absolutely can.

Her business is a B2B platform that supports more than 500 female business owners and helps them to scale their business, while finding harmony in their individual lives as fellow mothers. She encourages this through entrepreneurial education, self-mastery and self-discipline – community is key, both in terms of a personal support network and a networking community of entrepreneurs, mentors, suppliers and investors.

The business has spearheaded a number of initiatives, including a two-month entrepreneurship course called “Mompreneur Rising” and the Global Mentoring Walk in Dubai, an enterprise that matches mentors and mentees who then walk together to discuss challenges and prospects.

Tavassoli’s very first business, MomSouq – an online marketplace for baby and children’s products – was another decision inspired by motherhood, and was launched in the same year that she gave birth to her first son, Ryan. Now a mother of two, Tavassoli wants to ensure that her sons experience all the opportunities that Dubai has to offer, and that they grow up as forward-thinking citizens. It’s also important to her that she makes time outside of work to spend quality time with her children.

Fortunately, from theme parks like Motiongate and desert adventures to beautiful parks and beaches with views of the Burj Al Arab, children are well catered for in the region. It’s home to the world’s first Bollywood-themed amusement park, an immersive vertical bio-dome with a tropical rainforest, the world’s largest indoor theme park, an Olympic -sized ice-skating rink in Dubai Mall and an indoor skydiving experience. There’s also the Dubai Miracle Garden and the beachfront at Jumeirah Beach Residence. Interactive experiences can be found at Hub Zero at City Walk and KidZania, a children’s city that combines inspiration, fun and learning through realistic role-play. Plenty of scope, then, to shape the young minds of Dubai’s entrepreneurial future.

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