Today’s world is fluid – ideas are big, people are moving fast, and our place in the world is changing. From work-life, to connectivity and community, our series explores where the world's moving and how these shifts are bringing us closer together to facilitate collaboration and human progress.


Podcast: Where the world's moving

Hosted by futurist, key-note speaker and author Ross Dawson

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    Ep #1: A new sense of belonging

    Chief Storyteller at City of Detroit, Aaron Foley, explains the city's renaissance and the importance of a sense of place in the world today.
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    Ep #2: More sustainable ways of living

    IKEA's Sustainability Manager Dr Kate Ringvall discusses a future in demand of smarter, more innovative approaches to product design and urban development.
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    Ep #3: Mission-driven lifestyles

    Patagonia's Director of Philosophy, Vincent Stanley, shares in on the brand's inspiration to a generation of environmentally conscious entrepreneurs.
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    Ep #4: Tech-driven experiences

    Kriti Sharma, Sage's VP of Artificial Intelligence, discusses the ways AI is shaped by humanity, and how this technology is changing our world forever.
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    Ep #5: Fluid work-life

    What will our work become in an itinerant world? British-Australian entrepreneur, Kate Kendall, weighs in.
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    Ep #6: Global Value Exchange

    How must ‘Born-global’ companies navigate complexity to seize the opportunities of a boundary-less world? Adventure Capital founder, Stuart Richardson, shares his perspectives.
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    Ep #7: Transport, trade and travel

    Drones and driverless cars are set to transform the potential of our cities and the way we get around. Founder of aerospace company Matternet, Andreas Raptopoulos, weighs in on the possibilities of a borderless future.
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    Ep #8: Community-based entrepreneurship

    Simon Griffiths, Co-Founder and CEO of startup Who Gives a Crap, talks about his experience taking a Kickstarter project and turning it into a global multi-million dollar company that donates 50% of its profits.
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    Citizens of anywhere

    Does place still shape our identity in a world where people can work and live anywhere across the globe?
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    The renaissance of the community

    How co-working and co-living are reconfiguring the way we live and work.
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    Investing in impact

    Reinvigorating the business world with their sense of purpose and resilience, a new breed of investor is redefining the parameters of capitalism.
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    Target market of one

    With brands of the future set to increasingly embrace artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, how will we be able to determine what we want, before we want it?
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    Dropping in on virtual meetings

    Technology has created global working digital nomads. How we all meet will soon be transformed too.
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    Why cash is no longer king

    Future financial transactions will feature facial recognition technology and possibly wearables, hearables and implantables.
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    Riding into the future

    Fleets of autonomous vehicles will transform the way we work, live and travel across the globe.
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    The secret to a successful crowdfunding campaign

    When it comes to crowdfunding, there is no such thing as an overnight success story.
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    4 forces influencing today's global consumers


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