Discovering the work of Sir Isaac Newton

Dick and Dom describe the scientific achievements of Isaac Newton.

Dick, Dom and Fran from 'Absolute Genius' describe the life and scientific work of Sir Isaac Newton. He was born in 1643 at a time when the laws of nature were a mystery. He studied maths and physics, and is perhaps best known for discovering gravity. He described it as a ‘pulling force’, and even deduced that it was responsible for keeping the Moon in orbit. Dick and Dom show the effect of gravity by holding kitchen scales on a swing and spinning in a centrifuge. They are finally seen driving a motorbike on the Wall of Death. The key scientific points are made in a fun and student-friendly way.

Teacher Notes

This clip can be used as an introduction to Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity. Show the clip to the pupils and then ask them to work in pairs to write an interview with Isaac Newton. One of them has to come up with questions about his life and work and the other one has to write the answers for Newton. You could also use this clip to introduce the terms natural force, gravity, push and pull, g-force and centrifuge. Show images depicting each term and ask the children to link and define them.