Football scoring challenge

Two young Arsenal fans are set a maths challenge by player Tomas Rosicky at the team's training ground.

Two football-mad schoolchildren are taken to Arsenal’s training ground. They meet Arsenal player Tomas Rosicky and are set a maths challenge related to football. Each child has ten shots at a goal - how many will they score and how many will be saved? The challenge is to add up how many goals they score and see who wins. Having completed the challenge, the two children are presented with medals by Tomas.

Teacher Notes

Set the scene and the show whole video clip.What did they think about the girls’ score? In pairs, children discuss what other results could have been scored from 10 kicks. Collect the results on the board. How many different ones are there? Could they be arranged in some way that would help us to know we have found them all? Replicate the activity, using cones or markers to indicate the goal mouth. The children work in groups of three, one keeping goal, one shooting and one keeping the results and then swapping so that each child has a go at each. Who was the best scorer? Who was the best goal keeper? How many goals did their group score? How many were saved?

Extension: Children collect together all the group results. Could they show these in one big table or picture? How many goals were scored altogether? How many were saved?

Support: If the girls had only had 5 kicks each, how many different scores could there have been? Can they be sure they have found them all? How?

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching Maths at Key Stage 1 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 1st Level in Scotland.