Science / Geography KS2: Global warming and the effect it has on the planet

Two aliens discover that we are making similar mistakes to ones made back on their ruined home planet, their mission: to discover how we can all learn to care for the environment.

Focusing on global warming, the aliens beam down to a village in the Scottish Borders and meet a group of children.

With help from the children and their shipboard computer 'SID' they learn that the increase in gases in our environment has resulted in what many call the greenhouse effect.

They look at changes in weather over recent years which have resulted in more extreme weather events such as hurricanes and flooding.

This clip is from the series Changing our World.

Teacher Notes

Pupils could use computers or tablets to research the air quality in different parts of the world and then compare this with the problem of air quality in this country during the Industrial Revolution.

What differences do they see?

Have things changed or are there places around the world that still have poor air quality?

The class could have a discussion afterwards looking at how they think this compares to 50 years ago and why? And what do they think is going to happen in the future?

Pupils could complete an road survey near to the school at different times of the day. Why does traffic flow change through the day?

They could create graphs to show your results.

Curriculum Notes

This clip will be relevant for teaching Geography and Science at KS2 or Second Level (Scotland).