What is the Torah?

Young British Jewish boy Charlie meets an expert scribe to learn more about the Torah, the Jewish holy book.

Find out about The Torah as 11-year-old Charlie meets an expert scribe. Charlie introduces the work of Marc Michaels, a scribe, who writes Torah scrolls by hand, showing how these holy words are respected and preserved through his work. This is a powerful expression of what ‘sacred words’ mean in the Jewish faith. The words of God to Moses are copied by hand. Charlie explains that Jewish people try to live by the Commandment of the Torah, the agreement God made with them. This includes the famous Ten Commandments. From BBC Series My Life, My Religion: Judaism.

Teacher Notes

Some of the teaching of the Torah can be presented to children as examples of ancient wise advice: Do not lie. Honour your parents. Don’t be greedy. Love God with all your heart and love your neighbour as much as you love yourself. The Torah also contains stories – of Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses. Starting with this clip, plan lessons that explore these teachings and stories in depth and detail, making sure they are presented as Jewish texts, not just as the ‘Christian Old Testament’.

Curriculum Notes

This topic is relevant to KS2 Religious Education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and National 2 Religious Studies in Scotland.