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Illustrated by Elys Dolan

'The Night the Village Died' by Team Live Lessons

Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Charlie Higson, Elys Dolan and Live Lessons viewers all across the UK.


Under the starlight sky Frank heard a blood-curdling scream and knew something had lost its life.

There was trouble up at the village. The villagers had complained that a horrible medieval troll woman named Magma Alcazar was raiding all the farms round about – stealing their pigs and hens so they had no eggs and bacon in the morning.

“We are starving. Please save us from the insatiable appetite of Magma Alcazar!” said the villagers.

Frank leapt onto his medieval horse and rode as fast as he could through the spooky forest towards the ruined castle.

On the path he saw some huge footprints. The troll! He was on its trail.

Frank’s horse shied. There was a pit in the path filled with plenty of poisonous serpents. Had the troll fallen into the pit?

“I’ve fallen into the pit!” It was the voice of the troll. “I’m dead now. You can leave me alone.”

“I can hear that you’re not dead,” said Frank. “But soon you will be. You’re hiding in the trees. I’m hot on your trail.”

Frank’s horse leapt over the pit and galloped to the forest to the gate of the castle.

Frank could hear the bolts being drawn and the locks being locked.

“You can’t keep Frank the monster hunter out,” shouted Frank.

“I’m not going to say anything,” said Magma Alcazar. She was always saying that.

Frank rooted through his medieval backpack. In there he had diamond axe, a cube covered in runes, and a rusty old key that had never been used.

Frank slipped the key into the lock of the castle gate. The gate creaked open because it was a key that could open any door. He had bought it from a skeleton.

“Prepare to pay for stealing all the villagers’ food,” called Frank.

“I’m not going to say anything,” said Magma Alcazar.

At last Frank was in the castle. He glanced out of his window. Any minute now the full moon would rise. Just the worst time to fight a troll as their powers are at their greatest when the Moon is full.

He chased Magma Alcazar to her secret hiding place behind the curtain of spider webs in the corner of the deserted ballroom.

Frank raised his axe, ready to slay the troll.

“I’m not going to say anything,” said Magma Alcazar. “Because no one ever listens when I do say anything. I’ve been telling everyone for ages that it’s not me stealing the pigs and hens. There is some other monster and I have been trying to fight it. I’m the one trying to save the villagers.”

“I know that already,” laughed Frank.

Just then the moonlight gushed through the window. Frank’s laugh turned into a howl. Hair grew all over Frank’s face and hands.

Because Frank was… a werewolf!!

Yes, Frank was the monster all along. It was Frank who had been stealing the pigs and hens. And now he feasted on… fresh troll flavoured with moonlight.

The End!

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