Shocking beauty trends from around the world

The latest social media trend known as the '10 year challenge’ has got people talking about the way they look.

It’s flooding social feeds everywhere and requires people to simply post two images of themselves side by side, one from 10 years ago and one as they are now.

People then post comments about the photographs, they can be both positive and negative about someone’s appearance.

But what is the point of a challenge like this? Why are we so intrigued with the ageing process, and what does this tell us about our views on body image.

In this BBC Teach clip, campaigner Stephanie Hart has been investigating beauty ideals from around the world, and the people responsible for promoting them.

She takes a trip around the world to look at the vastly different body and beauty ideals for men and women from the tribes of Africa, through to the Middle East and South East Asia.

Here are a few examples of beauty trends that may make you squirm.

Stephanie Hart investigates beauty ideals around the world, and the people responsible for promoting them.

The Suri tribe in Ethiopia

For the women of the Suri tribe, lip plates are all the fashion.

These women feel their beauty is determined by how large their lip plate is so for them the bigger the plate, the better.

Some of these women stretch their lips by gradually increasing the size of the plate.

Once a girl reaches a certain age, her lower incisors are knocked out and her bottom lip is pierced and stretched until it can hold the clay plate.

The women start with a 4 cm plate but can go up to something like a 22 cm plate.

The Mentawai tribe

The Mentawai people, a native population in Indonesia, are known for their decorative tattoos and semi-nomadic life.

The women in the tribe file their teeth into sharp points.

This human tooth sharpening is ritually practised.

These women believe that having sharpened teeth will make them more 'beautiful' to the opposite sex.

The Huli tribe

The Huli live in the Hela Province and Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Hairstyles are one thing that sets them apart from other tribes.

Women have quite long hair from which they form thin dreadlocks with the help of clay and fat.

The males from this tribe shave their skulls and braid their hair in small braids.

They decorate their heads with inspiration from the birds and wildlife around them.

They try and get attention from the opposite sex by making fabulous and colourful costumes.

Afghanistan women

In some parts of Afghanistan women want their noses to be bigger.

One of the first cosmetic clinics to open in Kabul generated a large demand for nose enlargement jobs.

The process that was initially necessary for the reconstruction of war related injuries has now become a cosmetic trend in Afghanistan.

For nose enlargement, instead of using silicon, the surgeons cut cartilage from a rib, carve it to the right shape and use that.

The Wodaabe tribesmen

These men in Niger take beauty very seriously.

The very first toy they are given as a child is a mirror. Talk about vain!

These young men go all out and compete in a beauty pageant, wearing extraordinary makeup.

They also dance for days to impress a panel of female judges.

This series Your Body: Your Image is featured on BBC Teach