Günün Deyimi: Go it alone

Tek başına

Today's phrase

To go it alone means to do something by yourself, without help from other people.


Now that I have enough experience, I've decided to go it alone and start my own business.

I'm not ready to go it alone yet. I need another few years working in this company.

We don't need your help with the project. We'll go it alone and see what happens.

Take note

To feel alone. If you feel alone, you feel lonely, with no friends and nobody to talk to or to ask for help.


After she left me, I felt completely alone.

Interesting fact

A popular saying in business circles is that you will never become rich by working for someone else. You have to go it alone.


to go it alone: tek başına yapmak

to feel alone: kendini yalnız hissetmek

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