Günün Deyimi: You're toast

Today's phrase

If someone says "you're toast" it means you are, or will soon be, in a lot of trouble. It is often used as a warning.

A physical object can also be 'toast', which means it has been destroyed.


If you make a mistake in your monthly report again, you're toast! You really have to be more careful.

He crashed his car last week and completely destroyed it. It was toast.

Take note

To 'toast' someone is to raise your glass and say a few words wishing them good luck or showing them respect, and then to take a drink together.


Let's toast our wonderful assistant, Phil. He's worked really hard this year and his sense of humour has kept everyone going through a difficult time. To Phil!

Interesting fact

Norwegian food artist Ida Frosk (www.idafrosk.com) makes edible recreations of famous paintings. She says she makes them "because it's fun and I like to inspire others! It has become a creative outlet for me to play with healthy ingredients and my favourite meal, breakfast." After making and photographing her beautiful breakfasts, she eats them.


You're toast: Başın dertte!

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