Günün Deyimi: Set tongues wagging

Today's phrase

If someone's behaviour sets tongues wagging, it makes people gossip about them.


Mr Hellman wore the same t-shirt to work every day for a week. It really set tongues wagging: some thought he just didn't wash it, others thought it was because he hadn't been home all week.

Matilda and Michelle set tongues wagging when they left the office early yesterday. Nobody knew what they were doing.

Take note

If you give someone a tongue-lashing it means you speak to them angrily because they have done something wrong.


Bill got a tongue-lashing from his wife after he ruined her dress in the washing machine.

Interesting fact

People threw multi-coloured powder over each other at The Ministry of Silly Ideas 'Rainbow Disco' at a street performance festival in the Irish capital of Dublin. The event brings street performers to the city to compete for the title of 'world champion'.


Set tongues wagging: Dillere düşmek

Give someone a tongue-lashing: Azarlamak

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