Günün Deyimi: Bear with me

Today's phrase

You can say 'bear with me' if you want someone to to be patient and wait while you do something else.


Bear with me. I'm on the phone right now and I will be with you shortly.

If you could just bear with me for a moment I will find the address of my dentist to give you. I am sure I wrote it somewhere in my diary.

Take note

The expression 'to bear in mind something' means 'to take something into consideration'.


Before splashing cash on a new dress for the Summer, bear in mind that you've got a temporary job. Be careful with your money.

Interesting fact

Using their incredible sense of smell to track their prey, adult polar bears spend most of their lives alone, wandering over miles of frozen ice looking for blubber-rich prey such as seals, walruses and even whales. They are also remarkably good swimmers.


Bear with me: Bana müsaade et, beni biraz bekle, bana biraz sabır göster

to bear in mind something: Bir şeyi aklında bulundurmak, bir şeyi akılda tutmak

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