Günün Deyimi: The spitting image

Today's phrase

If you are described as the spitting image of someone, it means you look similar to or the same as that person.


John is the spitting image of his brother. I think they could be twins.

She was the spitting image of her mother and sometimes people were confused about who was who.

Take note

When someone asks you to spit it out, they want you to hurry up and say something you are too nervous or embarrassed to talk about.


Come on Jane, spit it out. Tell us what you think of our new plans.

Interesting fact

There are many types of puppets, such as finger puppets, glove puppets and shadow puppets. Probably the most complex type is a marionette puppet, which is controlled by strings to move the head, arms and legs. The puppeteer, who operates it, needs great skill.


the spitting image: hık demiş burnundan düşmüş

spit it out: çıkar ağzındaki baklayı, hadi söyle

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