Haberlerle İngilizce: Second jewel theft at Cannes

A necklace reportedly worth $2.5m was stolen during the Cannes film festival, in the second such theft to hit this year's event.


Richard Howells

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Lightning never strikes twice, they say. But apparently jewel thieves do, especially, it seems, at famous French film festivals.

Thieves outwitted 80 bodyguards, local police and hotel security to make off with the $2.5m necklace, owned by the Swiss jewellery company De Grisogono. The lavish piece had been displayed in a fashion parade at a glamorous party attended by film stars and celebrities at an exclusive hotel in Cap d'Antibes.

At the end of the evening a check was made of the jewellery and the necklace had disappeared. French police are investigating whether the jewellery was stolen, lost or misplaced. Last week thieves ripped a safe out of a hotel wall in Cannes, stealing 1.5m dollars' worth of jewellery owned by the Swiss company Chopard.

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Lightning never strikes twice: Yıldırım aynı yere iki kere düşmez

outwitted: atlatmak

make off with: aşırmak

lavish: çok pahalı, cep yakan

glamorous: çekici, cezbedici

exclusive: özel, münhasır

misplaced: yanlış yere konmuş

safe: (burada) kasa