İngilizceci Henry: Body Idioms - Arm

İngilizceci Henry dizimizin bu bölümünde öğretmenimiz kollarla ile ilgili deyimleri anlatacak.

Henry'nin anlatmaya çalışacağı üç deyim:

  • They're up in arms
  • I'd give my right arm to do it
  • He's twisting my arm

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Hello, I’m a very interesting and intelligent man. And today these arms and I will be teaching you some idioms in English.

I bet you’ve never been taught by an arm before.

Oh. They're not very happy. Mr Bean was supposed to be signing autographs but he's cancelled at the last minute.

They’re up in arms.

In English, if people are very angry about something, we can say they’re up in arms.

They’re up in arms.

Well, I’m not surprised.

Mr Bean is a genius. I’d give my right arm to meet him.

In English, if we want something very, very much, we can say “I’d give my right arm to do it”.

I’d give my right arm to do it.

Maybe I should have given my LEFT arm to see Mr Bean…

Ah that’s better. I got my arm back from Mr Bean.

Oh, excuse me a moment. There's my phone.


It’s my boss!

Oh no not that! Oh it'll be so embarrassing. They’ll all think I’m an idiot. Do I have to?

In English, if someone tries to persuade us to do something that you don’t want to do we can say, he’s twisting my arm.

Ah, thank you.

He’s twisting my arm.

I can’t believe he wants me to… sing and dance for you!

I’m not an entertainer! I’m The Teacher!

But, oh well, he is the boss…

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