Günün Deyimi: Two wheels are better than four

Today's phrase

When someone says two wheels are better than four they mean riding a bike is better than driving a car.


If you want to get healthy, get out of your car and onto your bike; two wheels are better than four!

The traffic is really bad in the city so two wheels are definitely better than four.

Take note

A two-for-one offer or promotion in a shop means you can buy two of the same products but pay the price of just one.


I hope you like eating cabbage; I got them on a two-for-one offer at the supermarket, so we've got lots to eat.

Interesting fact

The world-famous Tour de France is a 3,400km cycling race around France. It is one of the toughest endurance races in professional sport. This year the 100th Tour de France was won by British cyclist Chris Froome, who got to keep the famous yellow jersey.


two wheels are better than four: bisiklete binmek arabaya binmekten iyidir

two-for-one: iki al bir öde

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