Haberlerle İngilizce: China green industries

Chinese state media say the government is trying to tackle pollution caused by the country's fast economic development. According to the state-run news agency, new measures are being introduced to encourage the country's green industries.


Martin Patience

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China is the world's biggest polluter. But toxic smog in its cities is increasingly generating enormous public anger.

Now the authorities say they want the green industries to have a turnover of more than $700bn by 2015. They're offering tax breaks and subsidies to promote growth and innovation within the sector.

It's the latest move by the government to curb pollution. Last month, the authorities ordered hundreds of steel, paper and leather factories to shut down production lines that were causing high levels of pollution.

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polluter: çevreyi kirletici, kirleten

toxic smog: zerihli duman, sanayi sisi

generating: oluşturmak, meydana getirmek

turnover: ciro, iş hacmi, getiri

tax breaks: vergi kesintileri

subsidies: sübvansiyonlar, devlet destekleri

promote: teşvik etmek, özendirmek

innovation: yenilik, geliştirme

sector: sektör

curb: frenlemek, durdurmak, sınırlamak

high levels: normalin üzerinde, yüksek seviyeler

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