Günün Deyimi: At liberty

Today's phrase

To be at liberty to do something means to be free to do it without any restrictions.


Some companies keep information about salaries confidential and lower rank managers are not at liberty to discuss them.

This is a free country! I’m at liberty to go wherever I like.

Take note

To take liberties with something or someone means to abuse the right to do something.


Don’t take liberty with me, Mr Jones! I am a married woman and the only man allowed to kiss me is my husband.

Interesting fact

The Statue of Liberty sits on an Island in New York. It is 93 metres from ground to torch and weighs about 225 tons.

There are seven rays on her crown, one for each of the seven continents.


at liberty: hakkı, izni olmak

take liberties with something or someone: cüret etmek

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