Günün Deyimi: Ride a wave

Today's phrase

If you ride (on) a wave of something, you benefit from a period of success and/or popularity.


The candidate is riding on a wave of popularity and is expected to win the election.

British athletes rode a wave of patriotism during the London Olympics, winning more medals than the country ever had before.

Take note

To take someone for a ride. If you take someone for a ride, you trick or cheat them.


I trusted Ben, but he took me for a ride. He sold me a ticket to the Kanye West show, but in fact it wasn't a real ticket: it was just a photocopy.

Interesting fact

'Bodysurfing' is surfing without any kind of surfboard, using only your body as a board. Some bodysurfers wear fins to help them ride waves more quickly and safely.


ride (on) a wave: esen olumlu havadan yararlanarak gelişmek

to take someone for a ride: birini kandırmak, dalga geçmek

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