Günün Deyimi: Black and white

Today's phrase

If a situation is black and white, it means you have a clear opinion about it. You can easily see what you think is right and wrong.


I'm really sure about some things. I think free education for all is a black and white issue.

The question of nuclear power isn't black and white. Many people believe it is the only way to produce a large amount of clean energy – but many others think it has considerable dangers.

Take note

If something is in black and white, it means it is written down.


I couldn't believe I had won the lottery, but when I checked my bank statement there it was in black and white: one million dollars!

Interesting fact

Giant pandas are famous for their love of bamboo, and it forms over 90% of the animal's diet. Unfortunately, bamboo has very poor nutritional value, meaning pandas have to consume up to 20kg each day to survive.


black and white: doğrusu yanlışı belli

in black and white: yazılı halde, yazıya dökülmüş

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