Job Interviews 3: 语言专家

Simon Cuddihy



想了解如何准备面对使用英语进行的求职面试吗?BBC Business Class 为你导航。

Simon Cuddihy 先生是我们节目特邀的英语语言专家。在今天的节目中他会和主持人董征一起带领我们六位伦敦政经学院的中国同学共同学习掌握一些求职面试中会用到的英语词汇和语言技巧。

在本期节目最后董征和 Simon 会挑选出两位同学参加一次语言挑战。

你可以从我们的按键 节目组人员介绍网页上了解 Simon,董征以及参加节目录制的六位中国留学生的背景信息。


In today's programme Simon and Jean invite our students to sit in our special 'Hot Seat' to practise interview skills. Think about a job you would like to do. Then imagine you are in the Hot Seat and answer these questions. Try to speak in English for two minutes in response to each question.

"Tell us why you would be an ideal candidate for this job."

"Can you tell me about a time when you were involved in a successful project? How was it a success and what was your role in it?"

"Can you tell me about a time when you had to persuade somebody to do something for you? What did you do to try to win them over?"


在今天的节目中,Simon 和董征主要教授的几个方面如下:

How to structure your answers

The best way to answer interview questions is in a clear and structured way with a short conclusion. How does our Business Expert Keith Dugdale structure his tip about body language? You can listen again to the clip by clicking the link further down this page.

How would you do in the Hot Seat?

How would you do in the Hot Seat?

Getting your delivery right

Speaking too quietly or hesitantly can send the wrong impression. In the programme, our producer William Kremer gives a perfect demonstration of how NOT to give an interview answer!

Business Vocabulary

In the programme we listen again to Keith’s tip about using business vocabulary. Do you know what the following terms mean?

To set objectives
To prioritise your time
To focus on outcomes


点击右侧链接,你就可以把商务专家 Keith Dugdale 在节目中的讲话录音再听一遍,你也可以点击右侧链接下载节目文稿。

别忘了,在按键 商务专家网页上你还可以收听到 Keith 的所有专家贴士。


hot seat 接受挑战者的座位

candidate 候选人

to win someone over 争取到某人的赞赏

structure (语言的)组织(动词)

delivery 陈述

hesitantly 踌躇犹豫的

terms 词语


这两位同学是否能够把今天的内容运用到实际演练中?请到按键 语言挑战网页做追踪了解。

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