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Language Expert Simon Cuddihy




在今天的节目中英语语言专家 Simon Cuddihy 会为我们六位中国留学生教授电话通话的语言技巧。我们还会请到一位非常特别的节目嘉宾来帮助大家练习英语会话中语音语调方面的注意事项。

你可以从我们的按键 节目组人员介绍网页上了解 Simon 、主持人董征以及参加节目录制的六位中国留学生的背景信息。


Before listening to the Language Expert programme, click on the audio link on the right. You will hear two conversations.

In the first conversation, do you think the man receiving the call is happy to talk? How about in the second call?

The third clip is from later in the second conversation. In this clip, how does the person receiving the call indicate that he is ready to end the call?

Simon will discuss all these clips in the programme.


在今天的节目中, Simon 和董征会教授以下几个方面:

How to be a good listener

A robot

Intonation: Do you sound like a robot?

You need to be able to tell if someone is too busy to talk or not interested in what you are saying. Listen carefully to how long or short people's responses are and whether they ask any questions. A lively intonation is also a sign that someone is interested in what you are saying.

If you don't understand something someone says, you should always ask them to repeat it.

How to be a good speaker

Intonation is again central to this skill area. If you speak in a flat tone, your words can seem uninteresting to native speakers of English. It can also be difficult for them to understand you.

Ending phone conversations

We use certain signal words to indicate that we are ready to end a call. Summarising the call is another strong indicator that we are ready to end the phone conversation. This also means that there is clarity about what has been agreed.


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indicate 表示

signal words 标识性词汇

summarising 总结

clarity 清晰度


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