Teamwork 3: 语言专家

Simon Cuddihy



在跨国集团里, Teamwork 团队合作是工作中非常重要的一部分。它需要职员具备多种技能,所以难免有些人的 people skills 就比其他人要强。


你可以从我们的按键 节目组人员介绍网页上了解 Simon 、主持人董征、以及参加节目录制的六位中国留学生的背景信息。


Think about the following questions:

How do you think people you work or study with regard you?

What perceptions do you think Western people have of Chinese people?

Now imagine that your boss has asked you to write a report. As soon as you begin the report you realise that you don't know how long it is supposed to be and when the deadline is. What language would you use to check this information with your boss?


A photocopier

You may need to ask how the photocopier works

在今天的节目中, Simon 会把重点放在以下几个方面:

Being polite in the office

  • When you first join a company, the safest way to make a good impression is to remember your pleases and thank-yous.
  • A useful phrase is "Sorry to bother you…". Listen to the programme to hear more phrases.

Office humour

  • Humour can help colleagues bond but it does vary considerably from culture to culture.
  • The British sense of humour is famously dry; would you recognise a sarcastic remark?
  • Chinese people are also sometimes surprised by their British workmates' cynicism about the boss.

Seeking clarification

  • If you are unsure of a task don't be embarrassed to seek clarification from your boss.
  • A useful phrase is, "I just wanted to ask you…". There are more phrases like this in the programme.


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regard 涉及(某人)

perceptions 看法,认识,见解

deadline 截至日期

a good impression 好印象

bond 结合在一起,交朋友

considerably 相当大地


sarcastic remark 讽刺的,挖苦的评论

cynicism 愤世嫉俗

seek clarification 寻求澄清或说明


在本期节目中我们将听到两位同学接受团队合作练习的挑战。Who will prove the best team player? 请到 按键 语言挑战节目网页做追踪了解。

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