Red! 红色!

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What do you associate with the colour red?

red flowers

Does red make you feel romantic?


This is what some people in London told us.

Red is a colour that reminds them of a broad range of emotions 情感。One man mentioned love 爱情 and anger 愤怒

But on a more practical level, he also thought of the 'stop' 停 signal at traffic lights 交通信号灯

A woman said she was reminded of China and Chinese culture 中国文化 when she saw the colour red.

Did you know...?


According to research by John Innes Centre in Norwich, UK, bumblebees visit red and striped flowers more often than white or pink blooms.

Language tip

"To see red" is an idiom you use when you want to describe a feeling of anger.

Cultural tip

In Central Africa, Ndembu warriors rub themselves with a red substance during celebrations. Since their culture sees the colour as a symbol of life and health, sick people are also painted with it.

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