Olympus camera scandal 奥林巴斯丑闻

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Roland Buerk, BBC News

The former chairman of Olympus Tsuyoshi Kikukawa

The former chairman of Olympus Tsuyoshi Kikukawa has been arrested.

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奥林巴斯前社长和两名前任高管被警方拘捕。奥林巴斯公司承认隐瞒15 亿美元的投资亏损。这个丑闻由该公司的原英国首席执行官 Michael Woodford 首先揭发,他说他因追问过去的财务支出款项而被解雇。

The arrests are the latest step in investigations by the Japanese authorities into one of the country's biggest corporate scandals.

The former chairman of Olympus Tsuyoshi Kikukawa is being held under suspicion of violating the Financial Instruments and Exchange law.

The company's former executive vice president and its former auditor have also been arrested. An independent panel set up by Olympus blamed the men for orchestrating the cover-up of more than $1.5 billion in investment losses.

The company has lost nearly half its value since the scandal became public last October.

Olympus is suing 19 current and former executives.

And there's speculation it may need to merge or form new alliances with its rivals to rebuild its battered balance sheets.


1. Does Olympus deny $1.5 billion was lost?

No. It admitted hiding $1.5 billion in investment losses.

2. Was more than one person arrested?

Yes. The auditor was also arrested.

3. Does the panel say they tried to hide their illegal actions?

Yes. There was a cover-up.

4. Does Olympus want money from those they think were involved in the scandal?

Yes. They are suing 19 current and former executives.

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