Bow to pressure 迫于压力低头让步

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A Japanese woman bows in greeting to a monk.

A Japanese woman bows in greeting to a monk. Photo by Fred Adler.

Bow to pressure 迫于压力低头让步


In Japan, cash machines frequently feature a video or cartoon of an assistant bowing to greet the customer. Japanese people also bow when they say goodbye. At the end of the working day, colleagues bow to each other and say 'O tsukare-sama deshita', which means 'You must be tired.'

在日本 , 自动提款机会配置一个视频或卡通助手鞠躬问候客户。日本人在说再见时也会鞠躬。在工作日结束的时候 , 同事们会互相行礼 , "O tsukare-sama deshita", 意思是你一定很累了。

Bow to pressure 的意思是迫于压力而做出让步。


Bowing to pressure, the restaurant changed the menu to include a vegetarian option.

The senator accused Barack Obama of bowing to pressure from environmentalists.

He resigned his position after bowing to pressure from the newspapers.


另一个短语 to ease the pressure 意思是放松,减轻压力。可不要混淆了。

To ease the pressure of work she decided to book a two-week holiday.


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