The other side of the coin 事情的另一面

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A commemorative London 2012 coin featuring the Roman god Vulcan.

A coin featuring the Roman God Vulcan from the Royal Mint's London 2012 Gold Series commemorative coin range. Photo: David Parry.


The other side of the coin 就是指一件事情的另一面或相反的观点。


The London 2012 commemorative coin series is inspired by the Olympic motto "Citius, altius, fortius," (Faster, higher, stronger). The coin pictured shows Vulcan, the God of Fire, overlooking the sport of hammer throwing.

2012 伦敦奥运纪念币系列的灵感源于奥林匹克格言 ' Citius, altius, fortius," ( 更快、更高、更强) 。上图所示的这枚硬币的雕刻显示 Vulcan 火神, 俯视体育项目锤投掷。


I always thought teachers were really unfair to pupils, but I saw the other side of the coin when I became one myself.

Many people think social networking sites are great fun, but the other side of the coin is that people are spending too much time on the internet.


短语 two sides to the same coin 一枚硬币有两面,这个短语的意思指两件事物在某种程度上有所关联。

Unemployment and rising crime are two sides to the same coin.


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