To duck out of 避开

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Soldiers crouch behind a platform as married couples pose for photos

Soldiers crouch behind a platform to stop it falling apart as married couples have their photograph taken.

To duck out of 避开


A score of nought in cricket is called a duck, which comes from duck's egg, because it looks similar in shape to the egg of a duck.

在板球比赛中得零分称为 a duck, 因为数字零看起来形状像鸭蛋。

短语 to duck out of something 意思就是避开什么东西或者避开做什么事情。


Frank tried to duck out of going to the restaurant by pretending he was ill.

She ducked out of her responsibilities and didn't attend the important meeting.


如果有人形容你是 a sitting duck, 意思就是你很容易受到攻击。

The politician was a sitting duck because of his unpopular position on school reform.


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