Monkey business 猢狲把戏 (胡闹)

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'Lequinho', a two-month-old monkey in Rio de Janeiro

A veterinarian plays with Lequinho, a two-month-old green monkey, whose mother died upon giving birth and is being cared for by a team at Rio de Janeiro's zoo. Photo: Vanderlei Almeida/AFP

Monkey business 猢狲把戏 (胡闹)

当某人参与 monkey business 的时候,这就是说这个人在胡闹。这个短语也能用来表达那些不诚实或违规的行为。


Scientists studying wild vervet monkeys in South Africa found that the animals were better able to learn a task when it was demonstrated by a female. The team from the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland, compared the animals' responses to demonstrations of a simple box-opening task.

科学家在南非研究野生长尾猴的时候发现,当雌性动物做示范时,其它观摩动物能够更好地完成学习任务。瑞士 Neuchatel 大学的研究小组在这个项目中通过让雄性猴子和雌性猴子分别示范一个简单的开瓶盖的任务,比较了动物对主导雄性或雌性猴子的反应。


Two policemen showed up at my neighbour's doorstep this morning. I've always suspected there's been some monkey business going on in the house.

Stop this monkey business in the classroom! You should pay attention to your lessons!


Not giving a monkey's (about something) 意思是对什么事情漠不关心。

I don't give a monkey's if my ex-boyfriend is getting married or not.


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