What's the damage? 地道英语:多少钱?

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The script of this programme 本节目台词

Jen: Hello, I'm Jen – and with me in the studio today is Helen!

Helen: Hi!

Jen: Helen, just before we get started – did you get the chance to go to the farmers' market for me? I didn't have time to go myself.

Helen: I did, I chose some things I thought you'd like… Here we are… 我买了一些苹果,胡萝卜,面包和蜂蜜。

Jen: Brilliant – thanks so much for doing that for me, I can't wait to try it. So what's the damage?

Helen: 损坏?没东西被损坏了啊?不过有只苹果被压出了印子,我还啃了半截胡萝卜。但没有什么大问题。

Jen: I don't mean damage to the food. The phrase "what's the damage?" can be used to ask how much money you owe someone for something.

Helen: 你问我买这些吃,你还欠我多少钱。

Jen: That's right – let's hear a couple of examples of the phrase in use.

  • What a lovely meal – I think we should split the bill two ways, though, so what's the damage?
  • Thanks so much for fixing the brakes on my car. What's the damage for the work you've done?

Helen: 在餐厅咖啡馆都能用这个表达?"what's the damage?"

a broken window

Jen asks Helen "what's the damage?" but she doesn't expect something to be really damaged.

Jen: That's right; you might use the phrase amongst friends when you get a bill, or you might hear it if you are paying a workman to do something. Generally we use it when we don't know how much something is going to cost or if the price has been estimated beforehand.

Helen: Like when I went to the market for you today!

Jen: Yeah, I didn't know how much it would cost so I asked you "what's the damage?" So how much do I owe you?

Helen: £12.50.

Jen: £12.50?! That's pretty expensive.

Helen: 你看看这些食品的质量,你就明白了,可能值这个价。It's very good.

Jen: Alright then, here you are – £12.50.

Helen: And here YOU are.

Jen: Let's have a look then… Apples, yum… Well they do look a little more bruised than you mentioned…

Helen: Yes, sorry, 我把包不小心摔在地上了。

Jen: Look at the carrots! You said you'd nibbled them, but there are only the tops of them left! I can't cook with those!

Helen: 我当时很饿。

Jen: At least this jar of honey looks good… it's empty!

Helen: Sorry, sorry! 那瓶蜂蜜看着实在是太诱人了,所以我实在控制不住自己。

Jen: Well I think you should give me my money back. I'm not paying for food that's already been eaten!

Helen: OK, what if we go out for a meal and I pay?

Jen: Hmm… OK…

Later on...

Jen: I'm stuffed! The apple and honey pie was really delicious.

Helen: Here's the waiter with the bill. 我说了这次可是我请客。哎呀,这可真让人尴尬。 This is so embarrassing.

Jen: Is it expensive? What's the damage?

Helen: It's £40 for the meal but I've just remembered…

Jen: What?

Helen: 我把钱包忘在市场里了! Can you pay?

Jen: Argh!

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