Thick-skinned 脸皮厚

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A white rhino

Lucy the white rhino explores her new home at a zoo near Stirling. Photo: Andrew Milligan

Thick-skinned 脸皮厚

如果形容某人 is thick-skinned, 就是说这个人后脸皮,不在意别人对自己的看法。


White rhinos are classed as 'near threatened' in the wild, with a population of only 17,500. Lots of zoos and safari parks across Europe are exchanging their rhinos in order to maximise the breeding potential of the captive European population.



I made it pretty clear that he had outstayed his welcome but he is so thick-skinned he didn't take the hint.

Just be a little gentle with her as she is very sensitive and not thick-skinned at all!


另一个英语beauty is only skin deep means 一个人的内心比外表更重要。

She may not be a beauty queen but you know what they say, beauty is only skin deep.


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