All dolled up 打扮得花枝招展

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Two sisters at Lady Gaga’s concert in Brisbane, Australia

All dressed up with a good place to go. Amber and her sister Emma pose outside Lady Gaga’s gig in Brisbane. This is the first of the singer’s 14 shows in Australia. Photo: William West

All dolled up 打扮得花枝招展

如果形容一个人all dolled up 就表示这个人打扮得花枝招展,漂漂亮亮的。


Australians are known for their love of music and dressing up. According to the Guinness World Records, the largest gathering of the famous Swedish band ABBA’s impersonators is 368 individuals, or 92 groups, and took place at a school in Melbourne in 2011. The figure could have been higher if 16 participants sung the whole way through the song “Waterloo”.

澳大利亚人以热爱音乐和化妆而著名。根据吉尼斯世界纪录, 世界上最大规模的一次模拟瑞典ABBA乐队的表演就是2011年在墨尔本的一所学校里举行的,当时有386人或92个小组参加。如若当时其中的16个参与者坚持把’Waterloo’这首歌唱完的话,那么数字还会更高。


I have to rush home to get all dolled up for the party tonight!

Mary opted for a simple white suit for her wedding because she is too shy to walk down the aisle all dolled up.


A dolly bird 意思是打扮漂亮,但没有什么头脑的女子。

Madge is very ambitious in her career but people have been dismissing her as just a dolly bird.


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