Hang on 等等

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TA torchbearer carries the Olympic flame

Torchbearer Josephine Loughran hangs onto a steam locomotive while carrying the Olympic Flame. Photo: Ben Birchall

Hang on 等等

短语 hang on 的直接翻译是挂在什么东西上面,就像图中显示的那样。更常用的意思是请他人稍等片刻。


Steam locomotives - like the one in the photo above - were first developed in Britain. They burn materials like coal, wood or oil to produce steam that drives the engine. In the early 20th century they were replaced with electric and diesel locomotives, and are rarely found today.



Can you hang on for five minutes? I'd like to come with you but I need to make a phone call first.

Hang on a minute – don't leave without trying some chocolate cake!

Hang on! Look over there, isn't that Joe in the yellow T-shirt and straw hat?


英语中我们有时会告诉别人 to hang in there. 这是一个口语化表达意思是在困难时期坚持下去。

Even though you hate your job, just hang in there for a couple more months, it will look great on your CV!

I know you can't stand your mother-in-law but just hang in there, the evening will be over soon.


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