At full stretch 竭尽全力

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Bikram yoga on the Mind Over Madness event in NY

People brave high temperatures while practicing bikram yoga as part of the annual Mind Over Madness event in Times Square, New York City. The event is held annually on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and the first day of summer. Photo: John Moore

At full stretch 竭尽全力

当我们形容某人工作状态是 at full stretch, 这就意味着他已经是竭尽全力的在工作。


San Francisco's International Airport in the United States has opened a new room in one of its terminals to help stressed travellers find their inner calm.

The Yoga Room is a quiet space where passengers can relax before their next flight.

美国旧金山国际机场在其一个航站楼里特设了一间休息室供身心疲惫的旅客们找到内心的平静。在 Yoga Room 瑜伽室旅客们可以通过做瑜伽缓解紧张情绪。


New models of mobile phones are very popular and manufacturers have been working at full stretch to meet the demand.

My mother wants to make my granny's 70th birthday the event of the year and she's been working at full stretch in the kitchen to prepare her best dishes.


短语 to stretch the rule 字面意思是把规则拉长,实际是指做的事情有违规则, 但情有可原。

My boss is very strict when it comes to taking days off but when I my son had a stomach bug he stretched the rules and allowed me to work from home.


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