Touch wood 但愿走好运

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A Pakistani carpenter working on a boat

A Pakistani carpenter works on a fishing boat at the harbour of Karachi, Pakistan. Photo: Shakil Adil

Touch wood 但愿走好运

英国人也迷信,比如 touch wood 就是但愿走好运的意思。


It is customary to place your hand on something wooden when saying the phrase ‘touch wood’ to try and ward off bad luck. If there’s no wood available, some people put their hand on their head! Although opinion about the origin of the phrase differs, some people believe it was linked to mythology of trees, which were thought to possess spirits. By knocking or touching the wood of the trees, the spirits would know you were there and would offer you good fortune.

按照惯例在人们说‘但愿走好运’这句话时,一般都会把的手放在树木或一些木制的东西上。如果周围没有木材的话,那么有些人会把他们的手放在头上 ! 人们对这一起源的说道不一, 一些人 认为它与神话的树木有关,认为树木里拥有神灵。通过触摸树木,其中的神灵将会保佑你走 好运。


I've done all of the preparation for the exam, so nothing can go wrong now – touch wood!

I've never broken any bones, touch wood!

The train is currently on time so we shouldn’t miss our flight, touch wood.


如果形容一种状态为 touch-and-go, 那就是说形式或状态很不稳定。

My grandfather had an operation last week. It was touch-and-go at one point, but he's fully recovered now.


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