Jaw-dropping 令人瞠目结舌

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Spanish fans, Madrid

Spanish fans react while watching a giant outdoor screen on Paseo de La Castellana street in Madrid during the UEFA Euro 2012 semi-final match against Portugal. Photo: Denis Doyle

Jaw-dropping 令人瞠目结舌

在我们为某事感到惊呆时可以用 jaw-dropping 来形容,类似汉语里的瞠目结舌。


The sports website Sporting Intelligence revealed in 2011 that top Spanish football clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid paid their players more than $7m (£4.3m) a year, on average. The two, who are regularly in the top three richest football clubs worldwide, have overtaken the New York Yankees as the best paid global sports teams.

体育网站《体育情报》2011年透露说, 西班牙顶级足球俱乐部巴塞罗那和皇家马德里平均每年支付给球员超过7百万美元(430万英镑) 的薪水。 上述两队经常被列为世界三巨富球队之列,现在已经超过了纽约洋基队成为全球支付薪水最高的运动队。


Norway's Lofoten islands are famous for their jaw-dropping views of the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights.

Some pictures by old masters reach jaw-dropping prices at auction.

When the rate of inflation was published earlier this week, even the most resilient corporations were concerned about the jaw-dropping data.


另一个词(美式英语)a jawbreaker 是绕口令。不过绕口令在英式英语里叫 tongue twister.

Speech therapists use jawbreakers like 'the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain' as an exercise to make people speak more clearly.


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