To soldier on 顽强地坚持下去

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Sri Lankan cadets

Sri Lankan cadets march at a graduation ceremony in the town of Diyatalawa. Photo by Ishara S. Kodihara

To soldier on 顽强地坚持下去

当你做事情碰到困难但仍然顽强地坚持下去,这样的态度就可以被形容为 to soldier on.


Sri Lanka was known as ‘Ceylon’ until it was renamed in 1972. 37 years of civil war ended in 2009, after government forces defeated the Tamil Tiger rebels. Since hostilities have ended, the tourist industry has flourished in the country.



He picked up a nasty injury but had to soldier on till the end of the football match because the coach had used up all of the substitutes.

Jane felt terrible but soldiered on till the end of the day.

The company was facing bankruptcy but the workers soldiered on till the bitter end.


短语 in the wars 意思是形容某人最近身体受了不少伤,遍体鳞伤。

Dave cut his throat shaving because his broken leg made him lose his balance. He’s really been in the wars recently.


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