Murray's hopes dashed 穆雷梦再次破灭

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Vocabulary: disappointment 表达失望的词语

Murray disappointment

Andy Murray couldn't hide his disappointment after being defeated by Roger Federer.

Britain had its fingers crossed this weekend as tennis star Andy Murray prepared to battle it out against Roger Federer to become the UK's first Wimbledon Men's Singles champion since 1936.

The weight of expectation was incredibly high: although Murray has fought his way to four Grand Slam finals, he's never managed to lift the trophy, so the pressure was on for history to be made.

Murray was considered the underdog against Federer, so spectators were on the edge of their seats when he managed to win the first set. But hopes began to fade when his opponent fought back, finally easing his way towards victory to become the Wimbledon champion for the seventh time.

This crushing blow for Murray was clear for all to see. Whilst Federer celebrated, the nation watched as heartbroken Murray took the microphone to address his fans in the crowd.

Murray choked back tears during his emotional speech, congratulating Federer on his performance and admitting that defeat was "tough to take." At one point during his speech he had to step away from the microphone to collect himself, giving many spectators a lump in their throat.

The player has often been criticised in the media for his apparent lack of emotion during interviews, but seeing the dejected player weep openly in front of the crowd has changed many people's opinions and won the hearts of a nation overnight.

Whilst Murray is sure to be haunted by the defeat for some time, he tried to remain positive about his elusive Grand Slam victory, humbly adding: "I'm getting closer."

Quiz 测验

1. What word is used to describe someone who is not likely to win?


2. How many times has Andy Murray got to a Grand Slam final?


3. What phrase is used to describe Murray’s defeat?

a crushing blow

4. What phrase describes stopping yourself from crying?

choked back tears

5. What is another way to say 'disappointed'?


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