A big fish 一条大鱼

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A woman swims with a whale shark

US actress Maggie Q swims with an endangered whale shark in Cancun, Mexico. Photo: Paul Hilton

A big fish 一条大鱼

当我们形容某人是 a big fish 一条大鱼时,这就是说这个人是一个重要人物。


The whale shark is the largest fish in the ocean and is generally found in tropical or warmer seas. Although it has a lifespan of over 70 years, the fish is currently under threat due to the demand for shark fin soup, popular in Asia. China recently announced a ban on shark fin soup from all official banquets.

鲸鲨是海洋中最大的 鱼,常出没于热带或温暖的海洋地带。尽管 鲸鲨寿命有 70 多年,但由于亚洲地区对鱼翅汤的需求,鲸鲨受到了非常大的威胁。中国最近宣布官方筵席上禁止点鱼翅汤这道菜


I've got a very important meeting with Mr Johnston later – he's the big fish in the company!

Sepp Blatter is the President of FIFA and a big fish in international football.

If you want the organisation to invest in your project, you really need to talk to a big fish, not me.


当某人是 a big fish in a small pond 小池塘里的一条大鱼,一个意思是小池塘里的一大鱼;另一个意思是说这个人是大材小用。

She thinks she’s really important, but she’s just a big fish in a small pond.


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