The devices that can't be stolen 防盗装置

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Vocabulary: technology词汇:技术


The smartphone market has expanded massively in the past few years.

The market for smartphones and tablet computers has boomed over the last few years, with over a quarter of adults and nearly half of teenagers owning one in the UK.

But as our appetite for technology increases, so does the risk of our devices being stolen. Software developers are having to come up with innovative methods to prevent thieves from taking our much loved gadgets.

There are many anti-theft technology apps on the market which use GPS tracking as a way to locate a missing smartphone, tablet or laptop. If your device has been nicked, the sophisticated technology will allow you to track it to a particular location, so you can know exactly where it is.

People worried about the security of information on their stolen device can lock or remotely wipe it so that it's rendered useless. One would-be detective even programmed their smartphone to take a photograph at set times, unbeknown to the thief. The candid photos were uploaded onto a social networking site and became an internet sensation overnight, with thousands of people identifying the man who was in possession of the phone.

As long as the user has an app and has GPS enabled on their handset or device, they've got a chance of locating it- although you still may not get it back.

Anti-theft technology is fast becoming an essential feature for phones and tablets, and many companies plan to install it in other popular goods such as digital cameras, televisions – and even cars.

But does this technology really make theft impossible? Perhaps not, but with the potential to have your face plastered across the web, it suddenly becomes much less appealing.

Quiz 测验

1. What percentage of adults in the UK own a smartphone?

A quarter

2. What word is used to describe electronic devices?


3. What phrase describes the technology used to locate a missing phone?

GPS tracking

4. What phrase is used to describe removing content from your phone without being there?

remotely wipe

5. What words describe something extremely popular on the web?

internet sensation

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