Olympic hopefuls 奥运之星

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Olympic gold medal.

Everyone's eyes are on the gold medals.

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无论是组织者还是运动员,都在为伦敦2012做最后一刻的准备。 对于许多参赛运动员来说,这将是他们运动生涯的顶峰。 有些是第一次参加奥运,而有些已经是有丰富经验的老将了。请听BBC记者Alex Capstick发回的报道:

Not everyone has the same profile as Usain Bolt, but there are other Olympic athletes here in London who have gained superstar status, albeit within the confines of their own national boundaries. Take the Ukrainian fencer, Olga Kharlan, who caused a sensation in Beijing by almost single-handedly prising the team gold medal from the Chinese. She was just 18 then, and the former dancer and model is hoping for further success.

Another celebrity in his homeland but at the opposite end of the age scale, is 71-year-old Hiroshi Hoketsu. The Japanese dressage rider is poised to become the second oldest Olympian of all time. Still fit and lean he puts his longevity down to an avoidance of oily food.

China topped the medals table four years ago and another strong performance is expected. Their star turn could come in the aquatic centre. Sun Yang is considered the finest distance swimmer in the world. Standing at an imposing two metres tall he might even eclipse the serial champion Michael Phelps.

Finally to track and field and Caster Semenya who will be making her Olympic debut. The South African wasn't allowed to celebrate her 800 metres world title in 2009 as doubts over her gender emerged. She said that's now all behind her and if she wins a medal in London she will dedicate it to Nelson Mandela who helped her through those tough times.

Quiz 听力测试

What sport does Olga Kharlan do?


What kind of food does Japanese sportsman Hiroshi Hoketsu think is bad for his health?

He avoids oily food.

What medal does Sun Yang hope to win in this year’s Olympic games?

Swimming. Sun Yang is considered the finest distance swimmer in the world.

What country is Caster Semenya from?

South Africa.

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