A bolt from the blue 晴天霹雳

更新时间 2012年 8月 6日, 星期一 - 格林尼治标准时间11:42
Usain Bolt crosses the finish line in the men's 100m final

Usain Bolt takes just 9.63 seconds to win a gold medal in the London 2012 men's 100m final. Photo: Alex Livesey.


短语 a bolt from the blue, 意思是发生了完全意想不到的事情,晴天霹雳。


The London 2012 men's 100m final was a stunning race. Seven out of the eight finalists finished in under ten seconds, making it the fastest 100m final in history. Usain Bolt won gold in 9.63 seconds - the second fastest time in history. He also holds the world record for the fastest ever 100m, which he ran in a time of 9.58 seconds in Berlin in 2009.

伦敦2012 奥运比赛中的男子百米决赛可是一场激动人心的比赛。8名参赛者中7位的成绩都少于10秒。创造了世界最快百米决赛记录。Usain Bolt 以 9秒63的成绩再次夺冠,成为世界男子百米短跑两项最快纪录的拥有者。他本人也持有世界第一飞人的称号,他的最高世界记录9秒58是 2009年在柏林创下的。


The prime minister's resignation was a bolt from the blue.

It was a real bolt from the blue when I bumped into my first ever boyfriend in the supermarket.

The announcement about redundancies was a bolt from the blue for the workers in the office.


另一个短语 out of blue 含义相似 ,也有突如其来,意想不到的意思。

His marriage proposal came out of the blue – but she said yes!


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