No-win situation 输定的局面

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The script of this programme 本节目台词

Rob: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English. I'm Rob.

Li: And 大家好 I'm Li.

Rob: Shh shh Li – keep the noise down! I need to concentrate, the race is about to finish and I've got a bet on.

Rob: Yeah! I've won. I've actually won. I'm rich!

Li: Well done Rob. Rob 赌马赢了钱? 不过赢了多少? So what have you won Rob?

Rob: Ten pounds!

Li: Oh just ten pounds. Ah well, that's quite useful actually.

Rob: Is it?

Li: Well, you owe me five pounds and you did say you would buy me a glass of champagne if you won a race.

Rob: Oh right, so that will leave me…. fifty pence. Maybe I'm not a winner after all. Honestly! Every time I make some money I have to give it away.

Li: Sorry Rob, it's a no-win situation. 你怎么都不会赢,这样也是输,那样也是输,输定了. It's a no-win situation Rob. You can't gain any money because you'll always lose it on something else.

horse racing

Rob is in a no-win situation after winning a bet.

Rob: So even though I did win something, I have also lost. That's a no-win situation is it?

Li: I'm afraid it is. 这个短语不仅仅可以用来形容与钱相关的事情,其他一些场合也可以,请听例句:

  • I can get the bus or train to work – either way I'm going to be late. It's a no-win situation.
  • The cafe only served ham or beef sandwiches but as a vegetarian I was in a no-win situation.
  • If she helps in the garden, Mum won't be pleased and if she helps in the kitchen, Dad won't be pleased. She really is in a no-win situation.

Li: 故名思意,输定的局面意味着没有成功的可能。So Rob I can see you are disappointed because you have spent your winnings on me.

Rob: I am. It seems impossible to win some money just for myself.

Li: Actually I also won some money – fifty pounds – so I'll buy you a drink, in fact I'll buy you something to eat too…and you don't need to pay me back that five pounds.

Rob: Oh really? Oh Li that's really kind of you. Now I'm in a win-win situation!

Li: Oh, 现在你高兴了吧。 我们学一个反意词 a win-win situation 就是赢定的局面,双赢。请听例句:

  • The house buyer got a good price and the seller was happy to sell quickly so it was a win-win situation.
  • If I get to invest your money in the company and you get to share the profits, it's a win-win situation.

Rob: So in a win-win situation everyone is happy! Just like our situation now. So where are you taking me for dinner Li?

Li: Did I say dinner? I was just going to buy you a sandwich.

Rob: Oh. That's not such a good win-win situation, is it?

Li: Maybe I'll buy you some chips too!

Rob: OK great. Let's go. Bye.

Li: Bye bye.

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