A ray of sunshine 一缕阳光

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A model walks along an outdoor catwalk in the sunshine in Sydney, Australia.

In bright sunshine, a model walks along the 'world's longest catwalk' at Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia. Photo: Reuters/Daniel Munoz


The existence of nearly all life on Earth is thanks to the rays of light emitted by the sun. The sun's rays, in moderation, are beneficial to the human body, which produces vitamin D. A lack of sunlight, however, can sometimes lead to a condition known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a mood illness which can lead to depression.

几乎地球上所有的生命都必须依靠太阳发射出来的光才能生存下去。适度的太阳光有益于人体制造维生素D。 然而缺少阳光有时候会引起季节性情障碍症(SAD), 这是一种情绪疾病容易导致抑郁症。


A ray of sunshine 用于形容某事或人在艰苦或困难的情况下给他人带来欢乐和希望,就像一缕阳光。


After failing both my exams, going to see my mum has provided a ray of sunshine.

It's been a really terrible few days, but he's been like a ray of sunshine to me.

The new client provided a ray of sunshine for Steve's business on Monday.


短语 under the sun 字面意思是在太阳底下,喻世上所有的东西。

Matthew seems to have an opinion on everything under the sun.

You can find almost everything under the sun in that shop.


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