Finding your feet 适应新环境

更新时间 2012年 9月 4日, 星期二 - 格林尼治标准时间09:41

The script of this programme 本节目台词

Helen: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English. Rosie and I are doing a salsa class tonight. It's my favourite Latin American dance and I love the music! Salsa 是我最喜欢的拉丁舞,音乐可棒了!

Rosie: Yes, and it's not easy… One, two, three, whoops! I'm not very good yet – I'm still finding my feet.

Helen: You're still finding your feet? No wonder you're so bad. How can you dance if you don't know where your feet are? 你如果连自己的脚都搞不清楚在哪儿,怎么可能跳舞?

Rosie: I do know where my feet are, Helen. When you say you're finding your feet in English, it means you're becoming confident at something.

Helen: So if I say I'm still finding my feet, it means I'm still getting used to a new situation… 原来 finding my feet 这个短语的意思是说我还在适应新环境,是个比喻,和脚其实没关系。


Will Rosie find her feet?

Rosie: That's right. And when you say you've found your feet, it means you've become familiar with a situation.

Helen: Let's have a look at some examples:

  • Lauren has only been at her new job for four days, so she's still finding her feet.
  • My daughter started secondary school two weeks ago, but she's already found her feet. She's made loads of new friends and really likes her teachers.
  • “I've been living in Egypt for a year but I still can't speak Arabic very well.” “I'm sure you'll find your feet soon.”

Helen: 这个短语还挺有用的,人们经常在开始新工作时或者学新东西的时候说。

Rosie: That's right… And I feel like I'm getting quite good at salsa now.

Helen: Really? It looks like you're still finding your feet… Rosie 觉得她的 salsa 已经跳得不错了,我看她还没找到她的脚呢! She's still finding her feet.

Rosie: I might ask someone to dance with me, Helen. That guy over there is pretty good. Hi, would you like to dance?

Man: Oh, OK.

Rosie: Oooooh this is fun. One, two, three… Oops sorry! Did I step on your foot?

Man: Ouch!

Helen: It looks like Rosie's doing more than finding her feet. Rosie 不光是找到了其他人的脚,她还踩了别人的脚,这可糟了!

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