To rattle someone's cage 故意让人恼火

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A tiger stares through its cage on a rooftop in Bangkok.

A tiger stares through its cage on the roof of a five-storey apartment in Pathum Thani province, near Bangkok. Photo: Sukree Sukplang/Reuters


Thai police found six tigers in three cages on the rooftop of an apartment block near Bangkok, this week. Tiger-trafficking is a problem in Thailand, where the animals are illegally sold for their skin, fangs and organs, which are used in medicines. The animals are now being looked after by a government wildlife facility.

泰国警方本周在曼谷附近的一幢公寓大楼的楼顶发现6只老虎,被关在3个笼子里。老虎走私在泰国是个问题,它们的皮,牙齿和其他器官被非法销售。 现在这些动物在政府设立的野生动物设施里受到照顾和保护。


如果你 rattle someone's cage, 这就是说故意让某人恼火,不悦。


I wouldn't approach John at the moment, someone's really rattled his cage this morning and he's in a horrible mood.

Why are you so cross? Who's rattled your cage today?

My girlfriend deliberately hid my car keys so that I wouldn’t go out with my friends – it's really rattled my cage!


如果某人形容自己的处境犹如被锁在笼子里 caged in 那么意思就是空间狭小,左右受到限制。

This flat is far too small, I feel really caged in.

I don't like travelling on the tube during rush hour – you feel so caged in.


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