To steal someone's thunder 窃为己有

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A thunderbolt lights up the sky above the city of Munich, Germany.

A thunderbolt lights up the sky above the city of Munich, Germany. Photo: Peter Kneffel/AFP/Getty


The spark of lightning can reach over five miles in length and can raise the temperature of the air by 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightning doesn't only occur in thunderstorms, but also in forest fires, volcanic eruptions and even snowstorms. One of the most dangerous places to stand during a thunderstorm is under a tree, and talking on the phone isn't a good idea either!

雷电的闪光可长达5英里同时可提高气温华氏 50000 度。闪电并不只发生在雷雨之际,也会发生在森林火灾,火山爆发和甚至暴风雪期间。在雷雨来临之际一个最危险的地方就是站在树下,另外使用电话也不是一个好主意。


所谓偷走别人的雷声 steal someone's thunder, 实际上意思是窃取别人的成果和荣誉从而达到利己的目的。


Sam stole my thunder when he said he'd done all the work. It's not true – I did most of it!

Please don't steal my thunder by announcing your engagement tonight. I want to tell everyone that I'm pregnant.

I was telling a joke and he just interrupted me to tell a different one. He always steals my thunder.


你知道 thunder 和 lightning 这两个词的区别吗?前者意思是雷鸣;后者的意思是闪电。

I enjoyed the storm last night and managed to take photos of the lightning. My dog hid under the table because he's scared of thunder.


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