A hive of activity 一片繁忙的景象

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A coloured honeycomb from a beehive in Ribeauville, France.

A blue-coloured honeycomb from a beehive in Ribeauville, France. Photo: Vincent Kessler/Reuters.


Beekeepers in northern France were surprised to find their bees producing honey in unnatural shades of red, green and bright blue. An investigation revealed that the bees had been visiting a local factory which processes waste products from M&Ms; multi-coloured chocolate sweets.

法国北部的养蜂人惊奇地发现他们养的蜜蜂产出的蜂蜜颜色呈奇怪的红色、绿色和亮蓝色。后来经考察发现,原来这些蜜蜂到访过当地一个专门处理M&M 五彩巧克力糖果生产的废料工厂。


当一个地方被形容为a hive of activity, 那就是说这里非常忙碌,一片繁忙的景象。


La Bouqueria market is a hive of activity on a Saturday morning, with vendors selling all sorts of food and drink.

Welcome to the department! It's a real hive of activity, but don’t worry, you'll soon get the hang of it.

London was a hive of activity over the summer, with lots of tourists and spectators who came to see the Olympic games.


如果一个地方人特别多,场面热热闹闹,也可以被形容为 buzzing.

The nightclub was packed with people last night; it was really buzzing.


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